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Good-bye HEISEI era

Hello, I'm coco. How have you been, everyone? Today I'm writing this article in English!


 Recently, it's rainy and windy. Have you been keeping your good health? I often had been having a very heavy headache because of low air pressure or stress.

 From last week, I couldn't go out and refrained from writing articles. But I think this symptom was for purifying my body, my thought and my subconscious with rain in order to switch to REIWA era.



 Yes finally, it's the last day of HEISEI era!  Our Emperor abdicates today. What do you think of that memorable day? I was born in SHOWA era, but I don't remember the last day of SHOWA, because I was a child. So this is the first time to face the abdication.

I'm respecting His Majesty's decision. Now I'm...yes I'm greatful to His Majesty and at the same time I'm feeling really emotional. From my childhood and until today, we have been living safety and peaceful. I think it could be thanks to His Majesty and Her Majesty.
I hope they can keep good health and have a peaceful life in the future.


And tomorrow it's start of REIWA era! I'm so excited! I hope it's a wonderful era!


At last, thank you for your reading this article. I hope also everyone's wonderful life who visited my blog!


Coco, April 30th 2019 / 平成31年4月30日




era ・・・ 時代(Showa era/Heisei era/Reiwa era)

refraine from ・・・ ~を控える

symptom ・・・ 症状

purifying ・・・ 浄化(Purify)の進行形

subconscious ・・・ 潜在意識

abdicate ・・・ 退位する

face ・・・ 直面する

be greatful to ・・・ ~に感謝する



See you tomorrow!